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Feminine space to explore your relationship with alcohol without judgment

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Eveline Dufour de Sobre et Branchée

VISION : For several years, I woke up almost every morning with a deep headache, but mostly with a feeling of guilt and a growing feeling that my alcohol consumption was preventing me from fully enjoying life. Yet I had left a toxic relationship, a job that no longer suited me and I was now a full-time entrepreneur, I had found love again and started a university career in a field that I was passionate about, but every night , I opened a bottle of wine (and sometimes two). I had always had a troubled relationship with alcohol which grew worse over the years. Sure, I continued to perform well in all areas of my life, but not up to my abilities. I did things halfway, eager to finally get myself a drink. I tried many times to quit until 2016 when I quit for two years. I then took the bottle from time to time until the pandemic when I once again fell back into the trap of daily consumption.

MISSION : I have since realized that sobriety is actually what suits me best and I have decided to invite you with me on this amazing adventure, to create a community and provide tools that will help you explore sobriety at your own pace. If, like me, you feel that alcohol is a barrier to realizing your full potential and you want to explore sobriety, join our online community!

Eveline Dufour de Sobre et Branchée II
Several types of web meetings are offered to connect with the community!
  • Contenus vidéos exclusif

  • Entrevues exclusives

  • Club de lecture

  • Accès illimités aux rencontres

  • Rabais sur produits

  • Journaling exclusif aux membres

  • Groupe privé Facebook

  • Accès anticipées au retraites et évènements

  • Réponses à vos questions

"I'm happy to have found a group of women to connect with on alcohol issues in a positive environment!"
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The answer will surprise you!
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